Mini Program Description

Lil Kickers – U4s will be set up as a parent-tot program to run from 6:15-7:00 pm once a week. Parents must be on the field as there will only be a limited number of coaches to help organize session between parent and child. Focus is on development of body movement and fun through soccer-based activity.

U6 – The program is 30-40 minutes of skill exercises or games and 15 minutes of 3v3 (no keeper) structured game play. All teams are co-ed. Coaches are asked to involve parents as much as possible in the sessions. Emphasis is on running with the ball, stopping, changing direction, passing/receiving/shooting over short distances and introductory goalkeeping skills.

U8 – U8s play gender-specific teams. Emphasis is on ball mastery, passing/receiving/shooting over longer distances, increased focus on boundaries, structure of game play, and introduction of 1v1 play. Games consist of 4v4 (no keeper) and in some cases a 7v7 game may follow the small-sided 4v4 play.

U10 – U10s play 7v7 (6 plus goalkeeper). Emphasis is on ball mastery, proficiency in passing/receiving, increase in 1v1 attacking/defending, and introduction of team positional shape and width.

Age Breakdown A player may be registered in the corresponding Age Category listed, provided he/she has not reached the stipulated birthday before January 1st of the calendar year for season in which he/she is registering. In rare cases a player may play up, in an older age category. Players are not able to play down in an age category younger than that player. The following stipulations shall accompany this move: 1. The move must be agreed upon by a. The Coaches of both teams b. The WSC Executive c. The players’ parent(s) 2. The player will remain in the higher age category and should not play in two age categories in one season